Water Softeners

The Culligan® HE - High Efficiency Water Softener


Your Culligan Man has a high-efficiency (HE) water softener that uses up to 46%* less water, salt, and energy. The patented design of Culligan's HE can't be matched. It will save you money by optimizing salt, water, and electricity consumption while providing even fresher laundry, spotless glassware, and longer-lasting water-using appliances. *46% less than a time clock regeneration softener


It is about more than energy efficiency - it's about intelligence. While using 50% less salt, the HE lets you know how many days remain until you need to refill it with salt. Our Aqua-Sensor® automatically detects changes in your water conditions and makes softening adjustments accordingly. You can even install an optional modem that will tell your Culligan dealer directly if salt or service is needed.


Reduce trips to the basement as the Culligan HE's remote display alerts you to any problems and gives you control over various functions, like activating the electronic bypass valve. And the Dial-a-Softness® control ensures that your water is always just the way you like it, never too soft or too hard.

Culligan® Water Softeners & Water Conditioners

With hard water you spend too much money on laundry detergents and softening agents, constantly battling dry skin and dull, lifeless hair. There is an ultimate solution to your hard water problems -The Culligan® Water Softener.

Softening water involves something called ion exchange to remove dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese that can't be trapped in a filter bed. The resin passes up the sodium in exchange for the dissolved chemicals and the water is then rid of these impurities.

Culligan® Water Softeners provide top of the line protection against the numerous problems that hard water can pose in your household. Our durable and efficient softeners are the best solution to the poor water quality that affects so many of us.

The Benefits of a Culligan® Water Softener:

  • Reduces soap residue on clothes and skin
  • Helps make hair shinier, skin cleaner and clothes brighter
  • Makes household cleaning easier and less expensive
  • Reduces soap scum and scaling, and decreases the use of costly detergents
  • Improves water flow and reduces scale deposits in your pipes
  • Reduces water heating bills
  • Reduces hard water scaling of appliances and plumbing
  • Reduces salt use

Visit our FAQ to learn more about how a water softener works.